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In the (fuel) tank for nascar

Posted on: September 18, 2009 3:43 pm

Ok, technically it's the fuel cell but whatever.  And sorry for the parentheses. 
Again, not at all a cheap seat..  This time: Richmond International Raceway for the nascar race.  Enjoyed the final race prior to the race for the actual championship with the #29 pit crew in the actual pit box.  The actual pit box.  Like where the crew chief sits and the crew goes to work.  Words cannot do it justice.  The experience of being that close to cars traveling 180 mph, the eardrum-shattering decibel level of the cars as they raced their way down the track (though even under caution they're still crazy loud), and the ground shaking with Richter-scale-measurement like rattling was unlike any other.  TV does not do it justice.  And as an ardent nascar fan, there's nothing wrong with watching a race on TV; do it all the time.  That said, TV does not do it justice.  All the cars moving in concert with each other on TV can't convey the speed at which they move.  Not possible.  Sort of like when you watch a football game and you have no idea how big and fast football players are, or with the NBA and it's not at all easily discernible how tall they are. 
So that's just watching the race.  Never mind watching the pit stop.  The crew guys basically hang out during the race kind of like anyone does in between work at work.  They snack, text, make small talk with each other.  The mood changes 100% when they get the nod that it's pit stop time.  Everyone grabs their equipment like a bunch of synchronized pitters and poise expectantly along the wall.  That wall the only thing separating them from a previously 180 mph fast car to about 30 mph.  They hop over and go to work.  The most pressurized, don't-screw-this-up, fast-paced work possible.  It's like Jiffy Lube on steroids.  And can only take like 14 seconds.  (What was the least thing you did in 14 seconds?) Car leaves.  They hop back over the wall, put things away (do a strange old-tire-marking thing), exhale and go back to snacking, texting and making small talk with each other. And then wait to do it again.  Unbelievable.
ps racecar is the best palindrome

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Posted on: January 20, 2010 10:51 pm

In the (fuel) tank for nascar

I couldn't agree with you more.  I just got into NASCAR about 5 years ago.  I went to my first race last fall (dover).  I am commenting here in hopes that you might be able to forward the following on to 106.7 The Fan management:  Is there any way the fan could pick-up radio NASCAR Coverage (MRN) for the DC Metro area?  I often am traveling on Sunday afternoons from Delaware and the second I hit route Rt 50 in Maryland, I lose the race.  I think it is a real shame that no one covers the race on the all could tap that market!  Love the station, keep up the good work!
Thanks- Brett

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